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Scott E. Magoon, President & COO

I was only one year old when my father David left his job as Sales Manager for the now defunct L. L. Brown Paper Company in Adams, MA to start University Products. Point of fact, he was actually fired from that job because he made what seemed a ‘crazy’ suggestion: that the ailing 150 year old paper mill transition itself toward converting paper rather than making paper. To its owners, the idea bordered on the preposterous; and in fairness, turning an industrial age paper mill into a modern converting facility wouldn’t have been easy. But as fate would have it and ‘necessity being the mother of all invention’ my father went right to starting University Products in 1968. Initially occupying an unused room within the Parsons Paper Company in Holyoke, Massachusetts – today our present day headquarters is just 100 yards from where it all began 40 years ago.

We still manufacture many of the same high quality library supplies that we started making back in 1968: among very few companies still producing the cards, labels and book jacket covers some libraries still rely on today. Still, many more of our customers look to us for the museum quality archival products that have become the true essence of our business. Thanks to the support of many professional librarians, conservators, archivists, curators, and other museum professionals – University Products offers the industry’s most complete selection of museum quality products and archival materials.

And while it’s true that we count most of the world’s prodigious archival institutions as customers; we keep aware of the needs of the professional and the amateur photographer alike; the botanist as well as the backyard gardener; the architect and the finger painter too; the lawyer as well as the post card collector. Ultimately, our customers are not institutions – our customers are people with widely ranging interests and skill sets but with the same basic mission: to preserve what can’t be replaced, regardless of whether doing so benefits us personally, professionally, or even culturally.

So for that reason we offer products ranging from A to Z: from Acryloid Adhesive to Zen Insta-Paste! More products to serve more people. As an extention of that philosophy, we distribute our products into more corners of the world through an unparalleled network of dealers and distributors. Of course, customers anywhere can purchase directly through this website or simply request our Archival Quality Materials Catalog and be directed to the most appropriate dealer for your part of the world.

The vast majority of our products are manufactured in the United States; most right here in Holyoke, Massachusetts. However, we do distribute a number of products from quality manufacturers located throughout the world; and welcome contact from other manufacturers of archival quality materials, preservation tools, equipment and technology. Again, more products to serve more people.

UPI building

At 40 years-old, University Products is still owned and operated by the Magoon family – and yes, David is still actively involved in doing what he does best: pioneering new products that meet new preservation challenges. Just check out our ever expanding range of new products and you’re likely to see examples of some of his latest work. My older brother John manages many of our important OEM relationships and is responsible for our Municipal customers.

The last 40 years have been very good to University Products, and on behalf of my family, our employees and our dealers and distributors around the world, please accept our hearty thanks for your support of us.