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35mm Group Slide File

A rugged and economical archival safe file for storing 2" x 2" 35mm slides. The all-metal construction protects your collection from damage in storage or transit. The attractive baked enamel finish will not react with slide image and the convenient ... read more

35mm Slide Dividers

These dividers make easy work of grouping into subject areas and refiling. Light tan, medium weight, acid-free stock with center tab. Size is 2.0625" wide x 2.125" high. Price per package of 100.

Archival Slide Storage Box

The very finest archival quality slide storage box available in today's marketplace. A fully telescoping, reinforced metal-edged box. Manufactured of our 40 point unbuffered, lignin-free, tan acid-free board, it provides safe, convenient storage and transportation for your slide collections. Inside ... read more

Film Storage Sleeves

Lineco Archivalware sleeves are strong and durable, yet pliable and gentle to film and prints. The specially formulated polypropylene is used to make cut sizes for prints and film, slides, and continuous roll film sleeving. Print and sheet film sizes ... read more

Foil Back Slide Labels, Pinfeed

Our best archivally safe, pinfed, pressure sensitive labels are fan folded for use with computer printers or standard typewriters. White, smudge proof, paper stock is laminated to a foil barrier and coated with our exclusive permanent acrylic adhesive. The foil ... read more

Gepe Mounting Press

Mount large slide collections more quickly and easily than by hand with this easy-to-use mounting press. Just place the gray half of Gepe mount in the press, then place the slide, emulsion side down under the mask clips, next place ... read more

Gepe Slide Mounts

2" x 2", 2mm thick Gepe mounts hold slides absolutely flat. Each mount is constructed of high quality plastic. A precision tooled metal mask which ensures projected slide will have a razor sharp edge. The mounts ... read more

Hanger Bars For Saf-T-Stor Hanging File Systems

For easy accessibility and complete protection of slides these hanger bar attachments for the Saf-T-Stor pages (see Related Items) will make any letter size file drawer frame a complete archival storage filing system. Price per package of 25.

Image Safe Storage File

Don't risk losing your most treasured memories to the hazards of dust, dirt, moisture and light. The Image Safe Storage File, manufactured of archivally safe high impact polypropylene, is an inexpensive, yet effective means of protecting your prints, slides and ... read more

Individual Slide Envelopes

Crystal clear, heavyweight 4 mil archival polyester slide envelopes provide excellent protection during handling and storage. The remarkably clear polyester material makes viewing possible without removing the slide from the envelope. The archival polyester itself will not interact with the ... read more

Individual Slide Sleeves

An easy method of protecting your individual slides during handling and from dust, dirt and scratches during storage. These crystal clear 4 mil Archival Polester sleeves make viewing easy without removing the slide from the sleeve. Archivally safe polyester assures ... read more

Individual Slide Storage Boxes

Individual slide holders are also sold separately for use in your current storage system. A great way to group slides and organize your collection. Made from 20 point acid-free buffered board. 20 holders per package. Price per package.

PEC Pads

These lint-free photo wipes will not scratch or fall apart. Great for prints, negatives, slides, lenses, etc. Ideal for use with PEC-12 Photo/Slide Cleaner. Price per package of 100 4'' x 4'' wipes.

PEC-12 Photo/Slide Cleaner

Remove finger oils, ball point inks, adhesive residue, fungus, laser separation oil, soot and most permanent marker inks from both black & white and color slides, negatives, prints, microfiche and microfilm safely and easily with PEC-12. This remarkable cleaner contains ... read more

Polypropylene Slide Storage Album Pages, Top Loading

Manufactured from clear, high density, 4 mil, chemically inert archival polypropylene, these economical album pages are available in a number of configurations to satisfy a variety of formats. Each is designed to fit a standard three ring binder including all ... read more

Print File Slide Preservers

Transparent plastic enclosures protect negatives and prints from scratches, dust, etc. Archival polypropylene sleeves have no harmful chemicals to cause deterioration during long-term storage.

Slide Carousel Storage Box

Remove your slide carousels from potentially hazardous acidic packaging and store them in acid-free Slide Carousel Storage Boxes. The drop front design provides easy access while metal corners increase stacking strength. Manufactured from 60 point acid-free and lignin-free board with ... read more

Slide File Case

Designed to hold six of our archival slide storage boxes (799-2211), this sturdy metal edged box is made of our 40 point unbuffered tan, lignin-free boxboard. Fully telescoping lid provides protection from dust, dirt and handling and the drop front ... read more

Slide labels - 35mm

High quality paper backed with an acrylic adhesive. 8.5'' x 11'' sheets. 84 labels per sheet, 30 sheets (2520 labels). Available as acid-free Perma/Seal. Labels are 4 across, 1.875'' x .4375''.

Slide Storage Box

Our buffered slide storage box made of the finest 40 point lignin-free tan board has a hinged-lid design for stability and a thumb cut for easy access. Each box comes with 20 slide boxes, made with our 20 point buffered ... read more