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Alto Mat Cutting System

Alto's E-Z Mat Cutting System will give a beveled mat the professional look, eliminating ragged and untidy edges. The kit contains a unique patented parallel guide for cutting any size mat with 1.5'' to 6.375'' borders, a cutter which may ... read more

Benchmark Foam Knives

These knives combine stiffness and sharpness, making them particularly useful for cutting shapes in Ethafoam. The square point knives are good for straight lines while the pottery knife lends itself to making curved shapes. The sharpness of the ... read more

Corner Cutter

This simple device allows you to easily clip polyester, paper and board enclosures to prevent sharp edges from causing damage. Price each.


Desktop Corner rounder handles up to 0.5" of stock per cut. Exclusive twin-knife shearing for clean, precise cornering on polyester film, encapsulation units, paper, cardstock, plastics, boards, etc. The unit comes with your choice of either 0.25" of 0.5" ... read more

Dahle Professional Safety Trimmer

For extra fine precision cutting of any lighweight materials, including tissue paper, poster board, polyester, laminate, film or up to 20 sheets of 20# bond paper. Used by professionals and known for its safe operation, the rotary blade is completely ... read more

Dexter Mat Cutter

Sturdy and durable, the Dexter Mat Cutter is chrome-plated to prevent marring or soiling of surface board when cutting. A metal knob controls blade adjustment enabling you to cut a bevel at the desired angle. Designed to conform to the ... read more

Ethafoam Knife/Saw

This wide, well-balanced, curved blade knife is the perfect tool for cutting ethafoam planks. The sharp blade goes through ethafoam and other foam products quickly and easily without creating dust or shavings. The saw handle design provides comfort ... read more

Fitting Tool

The ideal tool to insert the 4 most popular types of inserts that finish framed art. The unique swivel foot design (patent-pending) drives single inserts including rigid points, flexible points, brad nails, and multi points for framing oil paintings. Multi ... read more

Graduated 5' Aluminum Straightedge

With its hardened aluminum construction and stain resistant matte finish, this straightedge provides a practical design that features black graduations in 16ths and 8ths of an inch on opposite edges. Price each.

Hand Held Mat Cutter by Logan

This fine quality hand tool makes perfect 45 degree bevels every time. No overcuts and no ragged edges. Built-in marker system marks border widths up to 5.5''. Cuts mats up to 0.25'' thick regulated by the blade depth adjustment screw. ... read more

Hot Wire Ethafoam Bow Cutter NEW

This hand-held, easy-to-use bow cutter allows free form cutting of Ethafoam®. Comes complete with industrial quality built-in power controller and heats to a maximum temperature of 400-500 degrees F. Ready to use! No complicated wiring or design required. Replacement heating ... read more

Logan 32 in. Compact Mat Cutter

Designed to meet the needs of those who want the simplicity and precision not possible with hand mat cutters, but do not have the volume to warrant the expensive high-production models. This compact mat cutter features a guided cutting head ... read more

Logan Intermediate 40 in. Mat Cutter & Accessories

An economical, all purpose 40'' (101 cm) mat cutting system capable of cutting full 32'' x 40'' sheets of matboard. Includes parallel mat guide for setting border widths up to 4.25'', 90 degree squaring bar for true corners, straight cutting ... read more

OLFA Snap-Off Blade Utility Knife

These sturdy and efficient utility knives feature the unique OLFA snap-off blade system. Their superior safety, economy and razor-sharp cutting performance make them ideal tools for thousands of applications. With the sharp instantly renewable edge, they will quickly become your ... read more

Oval & Circle Mat Cutter

Cut beveled ovals from 3'' x 4.5'' to 20'' x 23'', and circles from 4'' to 20'' quickly and easily. The 3-step system features an exclusive mechanism for gradual entry of the blade into the mat to insure clean, consistent ... read more

Precision Sander

The most important component in the process of picture frame making, the Precision Sander puts perfect 45 degree angles on the molding miters, ensuring perfect corners with no gaps. A must-have for perfect corners! Sands miters to perfect 45 degree ... read more

Premium Paper Cutters

The Premium Line is a value-priced quality paper cutter. The patented blade design eliminates the need for a blade latch and prevents the blade from flying up or dropping down. Manufactured in Germany, each features a durable gray wood base ... read more

Pro Saw

Special modifications including a specially calibrated scale, soft foot clamps, and blade stiffening reinforcements make this saw ideal for measuring and cutting picture frame molding to accurate lengths. Includes 24tpi blade and 36'' scaled fence. Measure and cut accurate, consistent ... read more

Roll Dispenser Rack - Replacement Metal Dowels

These metal dowels are offered to replace the wooden dowels that come with all of our Roll Dispenser Racks. They provide added strength and stability. Please note that the 48" Tower Racks come standard with metal dowels.

Roll Dispenser Rack - Single Roll

Dispensers/Cutters will provide years of maintenance-free operation. Dispenses light to heavy papers and films smoothly and cuts easily using either side of the double edged, spring-loaded smooth blade. Comes equipped with a wooden dowel, dowel holders and knife arms which ... read more