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Acrylic Press Boards

These inert, clear, 0.5" thick acrylic sheets have smoothed edges and corners. A variety of stock sizes are offered.

Benchmark Miniature Drill Bits

You will need to drill holes for your pins if you are pinning into materials such as plywood, Masonite, laminate or Plexiglas. We offer two sizes of drill bits for each diameter of our pins. The ''drop fit'' bits are ... read more

Berna Multi Clamps

This unique clamping tool can be used with one hand to set delicate objects without risk of damage. A pair of clear, 4" polycarbonate "jaws" are attached to a highly rigid carbon fiber composite rod. The soft, heat resistant, silicone ... read more

Bone Clasps/Lid Pins

The art of Japanese bookbinding challenges the imagination and creative talents of the craftsperson. Bone clasps are useful to add the finishing touch to this process. Four sizes are offered. Price per dozen of the same size.

Book Press with Brass Edges

This versatile press is a must for all bookbinding work. Used by both the professional and the hobbyist it combines the features of a backing press, finishing press, standing press and brass-edged boards. Two vertical edges reinforced with brass strip.The ... read more

Book Suction Table

This compact Book Suction Table is manufactured from stainless steel to withstand very high vacuum pressure which is especially useful when cleaning a small area with the rest of the platen masked off. The working surface is approximately 15" x ... read more

Bookbinders' Shears

The bent handle of these shears permits the blades to operate parallel to the cutting surface, providing better control and visibility. Perfect for bookbinding and repair as well as for general use. Made of the finest steel by Wiss, known ... read more

Brass Paper Clips

These solid brass paper clips are an economical alternative to our top quality stainless steel paper clips. Will not rust. Price per package of 500.

Cellophane Tape Removal Kit

Remove most carrier tape and adhesive residue with our tape removal tool with a modified tip for the removal of the carrier. Standard solvents, or in some cases a rubber cement ''pick-up'' eraser can be used to remove the adhesive ... read more


Checktemp is destined to make glass thermometers obsolete. Glass thermometers are hazardous to the user and the environment. The glass contains lead and the measurement media is either mercury or alcohol. Checktemp is an all-in-one unit that combines aprobe and ... read more

CoLibri Book Covering System

The CoLibri System, patented worldwide, is designed to cover books and now presents the new e-Leonardo state-of-the-art book covering machine. It produces covers that custom fit to books of every type and size. An advanced electronic control makes ... read more

ColorpHast Indicator Strips

Non-bleeding ColorpHast pH Indicator Strips are easy to use. Distinctions between pH levels are facilitated by sharp contrasts between adjacent color squares. A matched colored scale is provided for each pH measurement. Strips are accurate to 0.5 pH limits. Excellent ... read more

Compact electric Eraser

This compact, battery operated electric eraser (only 2.4 ounces including batteries) does the same job as the bulkier AC eclectic erasers. Its an indispensable tool for anyone involved in book repair and maintenance. The soft non-abrasive vinyl eraser cleans pencil ... read more

Conservation Work Trays

Quality, heavy weight, high impact polyethylene plastic trays for a variety of conservation uses. Excellent for bleaching or deacidification by immersion. These trays are solid white, seamless, and possess a corrosion resistant surface. The handy pouring corner is useful for ... read more


Desktop Corner rounder handles up to 0.5" of stock per cut. Exclusive twin-knife shearing for clean, precise cornering on polyester film, encapsulation units, paper, cardstock, plastics, boards, etc. Self-sharpening cutting units, easily changed without special tools, come with your choice ... read more

Data Logging Video Borescope System

Perfect for pest and mold identification as well as general inspection of objects! This portable, handheld, complete borescope system features a 3.5” color monitor and still camera or video recording. Four white LED lights inside the probe tip illuminate ... read more

Daylight Simulation Bulbs

In addition to revealing true color (especially important for textile, painting and ceramic conservation), these bulbs create a natural and healthy indoor environment by reducing glare and eyestrain, and simulating natural sunlight. Fits most standard light bulb fixtures. Price each.

Digital Psychrometer

Introducing a new digital precision temperature and humidity instrument which features high accuracy and fast response. This hand-held unit requires no twirling or reading of charts and includes a handy pocket clip. Features include data hold, an F/C switch, min/max ... read more

Display Case Hygrometer

They're back! This popular display case hygrometer is also ideal for storage shelves, archiving boxes and more! The device features a bi-metallic method for higher accuracy, with temperature measurement +/- 1 degree Celsius and RH +/- 5%. Compact size is ... read more

Double Faced Finishing Press 38 cm NEW

Built with beech wood from the body to the screws, this press is coated with transparent varnish in a satin finish. As with most horizontal presses, this model offers the possibility of working on the face with reduced declines in ... read more