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Berna Multi Clamps

This unique clamping tool can be used with one hand to set delicate objects without risk of damage. A pair of clear, 4" polycarbonate "jaws" are attached to a highly rigid carbon fiber composite rod. The soft, heat resistant, silicone ... read more

CoLibri Book Covering System NEW

The CoLibri System, patented worldwide, is designed to produce covers that custom fit books of every type and size.  Two models are offered.  The e-Leonardo The e-Leonardo, for one touch efficiency, quickly covers large quantities of books wrinkle and bubble-free. The ... read more

Conservation Work Station NEW

The Conservation Work Station comes to us from our European partner, PEL (Preservation Equipment Ltd.) This compact piece of equipment combines the elements of a temperature controlled conservation spatula system with a hot air tool with adjustable fan speed and ... read more

Conservation Work Trays

Quality, heavy weight, high impact polyethylene plastic trays for a variety of conservation uses. Excellent for bleaching or deacidification by immersion. These trays are solid white, seamless, and possess a corrosion resistant surface. The handy pouring corner is useful for ... read more

Dahlia Sprayer

The finest hand sprayer available, imported from Japan, and used to produce an ultra fine mist of water, solvents, and other liquids. These sprayers are useful for humidification and many other applications. Manufactured from chrome plated brass. Stocked in two ... read more

Data Logging Video Borescope System

Perfect for pest and mold identification as well as general inspection of objects! This portable, handheld, complete borescope system features a 3.5” color monitor and still camera or video recording. Four white LED lights inside the probe tip illuminate ... read more

Daylight Simulation Bulbs

In addition to revealing true color (especially important for textile, painting and ceramic conservation), these bulbs create a natural and healthy indoor environment by reducing glare and eyestrain, and simulating natural sunlight. Fits most standard light bulb fixtures. Price each.

Drill Gauges

These drill gauges allow you to determine the appropriate drill bit size for your project. Simply use the gauge to size the brass stem of the mount prior to installation. For a tight fit, choose a drill bit one size ... read more

Drying Rack

This all-steel rack includes a heavy-duty angle base, exclusive tray-lock system for supporting trays in up position, and 2 rubber spacers on each tray. Very sturdy and maintenance free, the rack consists of 40 trays and measures 45.5" H with ... read more

Happy Eyes Desk and Floor Lamps

Bring the benefits of natural daylight indoors with Happy Eyes Desk and Floor Lamps. These lamps produce glare-free light for ''indoor sunlight'' wherever you need it. The energy efficient bulb produces flicker-free, instant on, bright white light that shows true ... read more

Iron Gall Ink Test Paper

Developed by the Conservation Research Department at the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage in context of their extensive research into iron gall ink corrosion. This non-bleeding iron test paper has been developed as a simple and quick method to detect ... read more

Japanese Horsehair Strainer

An ideal tool used to strain paste after cooking, especially following storage and re-cooking. Removes any lumps or foreign matter creating a smooth, consistent paste. Manufactured from top quality natural materials. Horsehair mesh, 8'' diameter.

Materials Testing Kit

Environmental acids are a danger to any collection. This kit provides information and supplies to aid in the testing of construction materials. The Materials Testing Kit includes 24 glass jars, acid detection strips, tweezers, silver coupons, lead coupons, aluminum foil, ... read more

Plastic Syringes

For both manual and pneumatic usage, the kit contains one 6cc and one 35cc syringe along with five different tips. These dispensing syringes are ideal for small or large applications of adhesives, paste resins and many other materials. The barrels ... read more

Preservation Pencil

The Preservation Pencil allows you to direct moisture vapor where you want it - and at the temperature you want, from cool to hot mist. A great tool for removing animal glue, adhesive tapes, separating paper layers, delining, stain removal ... read more


This unique material is provided as either 100% polyester for use in leaf casting and paper infill machines or 100% polypropylene ideal for suction tables. The 100% polyester fabric can be used for backing, interleaving, as a support for parchment ... read more

Solvent Dispensers

Stop worrying about spills, fumes or contamination when using these fast and economical solvent dispensers. By simply applying light pressure of a brush on the dispensing dish, the high quality stainless steel pump releases just the right amount of solvent. ... read more

Stainless Steel Conservation Work Trays

Heavy duty, stainless steel work trays are corrosion resistant and feature a seamless, curved corner design. Unlimited uses in the conservation lab. Price each.


Now you can replace hand held steamers with these safe, economical built-to-last commercial models. Compact and light-weight steamers roll on casters for easy handling. Removable hanging rod holds steam head. High impact steam head and handle remain cool to the ... read more

Thermo Impulse Bag Sealer

Create your own air and water tight protective gags and pouches in just seconds with this Thermo Impulse Bag Sealer. Just place the film between the seal bars, press and release. It's a quick and easy way to protect valuable ... read more