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"Caring For Your Family Treasures"

By Jane S. Long and Richard W. Long. Provides expert, easy-to-understand information on maintaining beloved family objects. Top museum conservators advise on polishing silver and furniture, preserving wedding dresses, procedures for creating a long lasting scrapbook, prolonging the life of ... read more

Adjustable Rare Book Storage Box

Create your own storage boxes for your valuable rare books and documents with these acid-free 20 point boards. These soil-resistant cream color boards are scored every 0.25'' for easy folding and are available in a wide range of sizes. Enclosure ... read more

Archival Book Plates

Archivally safe book plates offer an excellent means of recognizing a patron's generosity or for identifying a special collection. The elegant design is printed in black with a pH of 8.5 and 3% calcium carbonate buffer. Custom imprinting is available ... read more


Use these acid-free folders for protective covering and housing of textbooks with detached or damaged covers and to isolate covers with severe red rot. Manufactured from 40 pt. acid-free and lignin-free board and scored to accommodate several spine widths up ... read more

Bone Clasps/Lid Pins

The art of Japanese bookbinding challenges the imagination and creative talents of the craftsperson. Bone clasps are useful to add the finishing touch to this process. Four sizes are offered. Price per dozen of the same size.

Buckram Book Cloth

Buckram meets and exceeds the requirements for Library Buckram as defined by the Library Binding Institute's ''Standard For Library Binding, Section 16.4.1, Covering Materials.'' This aqueous coated Buckram has been specifically designed to retain the fabric appearance desired by connoisseurs ... read more

Document Cleaning Powder

Cleaning Powder, available in two pound can is recommended for using with Lineco's Document Cleaning Pads (see Related Item below) for cleaning dusty, dirty or moldy paper items. These pads contain a soft, grit-free powder that absorbs and cleans surface ... read more

Drama/PlayBook Binders

Binders designed specifically for the protection and storage of drama/playbooks. Manufactured of sturdy 60 point blue/gray board, they are hinged with our strong acid-free linen tape. The expanding interior folder provides a full 0.25" spine and is made of acid-free ... read more

E-Flute Corrugated Rare Book Boxes

Quick and easy, this E-Flute corrugated is strong and offers maximum support for fragile books or books in parts. Simply measure height and width then mark the board and score with a scoring wheel (included). Each package contains 5 sheets ... read more

Heavyweight Document Pamphlet Binders; 40 pt. board

Superior heavyweight shelving or drawer binder protection for your most valuable documents and pamphlets. Each binder is made of our acid-free and lignin-free 40 point rigid board with a 10 pt. internal storage folder and a flexible 0.25" spine. These ... read more

Laser Printable Identa-Strips

These acid-free, lignin-free strips are designed with die-cut tabs located 1" down allowing to print 6 - 8 characters for identification. Extra smooth surface for sharp detail of printed copy. The strips are made of buffered, pale cream stock. Overall ... read more

Lineco Bookcloth

From the finest European bookcloth manufacturer, Lineco has a line of superior weaves and colors that are both functional and archival. They are made from fine quality rayon fabric and are backed with a pH neutral (acid-free) paper that works ... read more

Measurephase Book Measuring Device

This simple tool allows you to quickly and efficiently determine the dimensions of books in order to produce the most accurate phase boxes possible. Measure the length, width, and thickness of the book in just seconds with the movable gauge. ... read more

Metal Edge Shelf Files

Our acid-free metal edged shelf files are set up and ready to use with no folding or bending. Choose from our Perma-Dur blue/gray, lignin-free tan, or acid-free black. All are manufactured from sturdy 60 pt. board and constructed with metal ... read more

Paper Pulp for Leaf Casting and Paper Infill

These carefully designed archival quality dry pulp boards are ideal for leaf casting machines. The boards are produced from a blend of beaten hemp and cotton fibers. Using a proper blender, the boards are easily made into paper pulp by ... read more

Pressboard Document Preservation Folders

These folders are ideal for pamphlets or documents without much bulk. Store them vertically or horizontally. Sturdy gray genuine pressboard folders offer an inexpensive means of storing documents. The inner folder is sturdy Perma/Dur which is acid-free and lignin-free. Price ... read more

Rare Book Identa-Strips

University Products' acid-free and lignin-free Identa-Strips provide easy identification of shelved rare books. A die-cut tab prevents slippage into the book when vertically shelved. these acid-free Identa-Strips won't discolor pages of books into which they are inserted. Tab is located ... read more

Spine Repair Tape

This book repair tape is a vinyl coated cloth tape that is water and abrasion resistant. It has a matte finish, which makes it esthetically preferable and easily conforms to the contour of book spines. Each 2" x 15 yard ... read more

Velcro hook & Loop Fasteners

Self adhesive Velcro fasteners consist of woven nylon hook and loop matted pairs. They have a very strong neutral pH adhesive and are useful for a variety of purposes, including box closures, and holding displayed objects in place. Price per ... read more

Wide Spine Document Preservation Binders

Wide spine document preservation binders accommodate thicker pamphlets and small books with a full .5'' spine and .5'' expansion on interior folder. Binder is made of sturdy 25 pt. genuine pearl gray pressboard with an acid-free, lignin-free folder of 10 ... read more