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30X Hand-Held Illuminated Lightscope

This 30X viewer features two ABS plastic tubes that are pivotally connected at the snap joint near the bottom. One tube contains the illumination system while the other houses the optic. Features glass lenses and precise focusing with adjustable ring.

Around-the-Neck Magnifier

Perfect for tasks requiring two hands, the around-the-neck magnifiers feature an adjustable cord to raise or lower height based on individual requirements. Two models are offered. The deluxe has bi-aspheric lens for distortion-free viewing, 4X (12D) bifocal lens (35mm), large ... read more

Aspheric Magnifier

The 5X power aspheric lenses used in this magnifier differ from conventional lenses of the same power. It is especially made to provide users with a widened field of view and an undistorted edge-to edge clarity and sharpness not possible ... read more

Bar Magnifier, 8 x 1 in.

Since 1977, SuprVision Magnifiers have been the number one choice for libraries, schools, students and offices in helping to improve their daily functions with enhanced visual clarity. SuprVision Magnifiers offer excellent quality at a very affordable price. All Suprvision Magnifiers ... read more

Binocular Magnifier

This Binocular Magnifier is for precision work and is worn on the head to leave both hands free. Precision ground and polished prismatic lenses. Adjustable headband may be worn over glasses. Three interchangeable lenses for 6" (2.6 magnification), 8" (2.2 ... read more

Combination Hand/Stand/Pocket Magnifier

This ultra-modern, functional design is small enough to be portable, offering three different types of magnifiers in one. The biconvex, 60 mm diameter lens features 2.5X magnification. Price each.

Dome Magnifiers - Glass

These specialty glass dome magnifiers are perfect for desktop applications. Simply place dome over object and get 4X magnification. Available in two sizes, 2" and 3" domes. Comes in individual storage boxes. Perfect for work, classroom or home. ... read more

Eschenbach Galilean Binocular Telescopes

The Eschenbach Galilean binocular telescopes for close work are small, lightweight optical systems that offer a bright image. They consist of a positive objective lens and a negative ocular lens. The frame-mounted system is ideal for extended viewing tasks. A ... read more

Eschenbach MaxDetail Glasses

University Products and Eschenbach announce the MaxDetail, an innovative, high-value solution for magnifying small objects and details. This product is excellent for inspection, reading small print, seeing small parts, assembly and examination. These hands-free, head mounted glasses provide 2X magnification ... read more

Fresnal Lens Magnifier

An extremely economical and handy flat magnifier. This inexpensive hand-held magnifier is great for enlarging print of newspapers, directories, maps, and more. Printed with English and metric scales. Focal length is approximately 4", lens is 2.5625" x 7.375". Price ... read more

Hand-Held Magnifiers with LED Illumination

This series of illuminated hand-held magnifiers is now available with LED illumination. LED (light emitting diode) illumination povides an alternative light source preferred by many conservators due to its distinctly whiter spectrum and longer useful life. In addition to the ... read more

Hands-Free Magnifiers

These discreet, extremely light, yet solid attachment magnifiers provide an enlarged field of vision while at the same time leaving the wearer free to work with both hands. Different lenses with specified working distances are available for a variety of ... read more

Happy Eyes Desk and Floor Lamps

Bring the benefits of natural daylight indoors with Happy Eyes Desk and Floor Lamps. These lamps produce glare-free light for ''indoor sunlight'' wherever you need it. The energy efficient bulb produces flicker-free, instant on, bright white light that shows true ... read more

Hastings Triplet Magnifiers

The Hastings Triplet Magnifiers are highly corrective magnifiers that are Bausch & Lomb's finest. Three separate optical glass lenses, bonded together to form a compound lens, provide sharp, very distinct magnified images - even under 10 power magnification. Lens sides ... read more

Illuminated Magnifiers

These battery operated, illuminated magnifiers are perfect for jobs requiring portability. Choose one or more of the four magnification heads offered. They are easily interchangeable. Price each.

Illuminating Coddington Magnifier

A problem often encountered in using a high power magnifier is lack of sufficient light on the object. The Illuminating Coddington Magnifier eliminates this. A flashlight bulb is inserted into the groove of the Coddington lens and light is sent ... read more

Lamp Stand Magnifier

The flexible head swivels 45 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically and radially. Features an aspheric 132mm lens with cera-tec coating, sturdy articulated arm that provides 36" of working radius, and 9 watts fluorescent illumination. Cord is approximately 6 ft. ... read more

Lighted Magnifier

This lighted magnifier puts light directly on your subject. With its powerful extra-bright LED light you will never be left in the dark again. Features a contoured handle for hand held use and an integrated stand for hands-free operation. It ... read more

LightSpecs Eyewear

Why settle for just extra magnification when choosing eyewear. Now you can have an additional feature that will light the way! For those who require help when performing near tasks in dark or dimly lit environments, our new LightSpecs provide ... read more

Linen Testers

Convenient, fold away, precision linen testers. Brass body, mat finish and chromium-plated. Lenses are bi-convex, optically ground silicate glass.