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20/20 Plasti-Polish and Plasti-Cleaner

This 8 oz flip-top bottle of polish allows you to remove fine scratches, haziness and abrasions while restoring a new look to most plastic surfaces. Follow up with 20/20 Plasti-Cleaner (sold separately) for a clean, streak-free surface. The ... read more

Absorbent Film Wipes

Absorbent film wipes keep polyester for encapsulation free of dirt, dust and fingerprints. Soft enough to resist scratching yet tough enough to remove stubborn fingerprints and other marring. 50/pkg.

Adhesive Pick-Up Square

Easily remove excess adhesive residue which has not yet bonded with paper molecules. Effective on a variety of animal, plant and acrylic adhesives. Price each.

Advanced Cleaning System Dust Mitt

Advanced Cleaning Technology Mitts fit over wool dusters to greatly increase their efficacy. Capture dust from high chandeliers, lighting tracks, and woodwork instead of letting it settle on other objects. Generates a mild, opposite static charge to that of dust ... read more

Book Deodorizer 16 oz.

The perfect solution to a smelly problem. These treated granules absorb moisture and odors. Use to treat books, paper, clothing or other inanimate objects. It will remove cigarette smoke, mildew odors and general mustiness. These granules are an inert and ... read more

Cape Cod Buffing/Dusting Cloth

A dusting and buffing cloth for buffing polished items and for dusting furniture, appliances, computer screens, glass, TV's, blinds, lamps, lighting, and more. Price per one 12" x 12" cloth.

Cleaning Swabs, 36-Piece Kit

Each Cleaning Swab Kit contains 36 swabs, including 6 each of six different styles of various widths and lengths. Each swab consists of a white polypropylene handle with a white polyurethane foam head. Price per package of 36.

Compact Electric Eraser

This compact, battery operated electric eraser (only 2.4 ounces including batteries) does the same job as the bulkier AC eclectic erasers. Its an indispensable tool for anyone involved in book repair and maintenance. The soft non-abrasive vinyl eraser cleans pencil ... read more

Conservation Tack Mats

Rely on Tack Mats to prevent contaminates from invading conservation labs, archives and clean rooms from soiled cart wheels and foot wear. Each 40 sheet Tack Mat features 1.5mm low density, clear polyethylene sheets containing anti-microbial agents in the adhesive ... read more

Conservator's Wax

Conservator's Wax; a blend of highly refined microcrystalline waxes of fossil origin based on a formula which has become the standard material used in museums and art galleries, and by professional conservators and restorers the world over. This high ... read more

Conservators Sponge

The closed-cell structure is hydrophilic and can be used for a wide variety of conservation procedures. It is used in wet repairs to remove residual water, as the repair tissue does not attach to the sponge. It can also ... read more

Crinkle Cloth

This cheesecloth-like material has no starch, sizing or binders added, has instant absorbency, and will not scratch or mar surfaces, making it perfect for cleaning and refurbishing. The material comes in 9” x 15” sheets wrapped in a ... read more

Document Cleaning Pad

Lineco's Document Cleaning Pads are recommended for cleaning dusty, dirty, or moldy paper items. These pads contain a soft, grit-free powder that absorbs and cleans surface dirt from paper. Price each. Additional cleaning powder also available in a two pound ... read more

Dry Cleaning Sponges

Made of vulcanized natural rubber, our dry cleaning sponges will effectively remove soot and smoke damage form wallpaper, painted metal and wood surfaces, fabrics and a variety of additional surfaces. Widely used for clean-up following fire damage, the cleaning applications ... read more

Dust-Off Plus

A clean, moisture-free controlled flow of canned air that quickly removes dust, dirt, lint and repair debris from valuable documents, photographs and equipment. The new vector valve moves up and down 180 degrees and sweeps 360 degrees allowing pinpoint accuracy ... read more

Dusting Brushes

3 styles of dusting brushes are yours for the choosing. The Comfort Curve model has a curved handle 15.5'' long that holds sterilized mixed horsehair in a single row of tufts to provide a stiff brushing action. The traditional dusting ... read more

Esteam Hand-Held Steamer

The Esteam hand-held steamer is three times more powerful than any other hand-held steamer, with the largest water reservoir available. It features a wide mouth, easy to fill water tank with 600 watt heating element; including an automatic safety shut-off ... read more

Express Vac Vacuum

Our smallest vacuum weighs 8 pounds (with accessories and box) and has a top handle. Measures 12" x 8.25" x 9.5". Fabric carrying tote sold separately. Two 0.3 micron filtration systems are available: (1) a disposable, anti-dump canister filter in ... read more

Film Tack Rollers

Film Tack Rollers provide a quick, easy and efficient means of removing dust, dirt, eraser crumbs, paper scraps and other debris from work areas, counter tops, desks, lab benches and even clothing. Use them with a standard 9" paint roller ... read more

Forever New Fabric Care Wash

Forever New Fabric Care Wash is a concentrated granular formulation of natural citrus and sodas that both rejuvenate and preserve while cleaning. Leaves no soapy residue that deteriorate fibers. Specially formulated to maintain elasticity and promote longer life for all ... read more