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Adhesive Pick-Up Square

Easily remove excess adhesive residue which has not yet bonded with paper molecules. Effective on a variety of animal, plant and acrylic adhesives. Price each.

Beva 371 Film

Beva is an adhesive created specifically for conservation applications. We have it available as adhesive film sandwiched between white silicone coated paper and an archival polyester supporting sheet. Activate the adhesive with a tacking iron or hot air blower and ... read more

Blue Foam Bond Adhesive

This Blue Foam Bond adhesive was designed to bond polyethylene foam to a wide variety of surfaces including metal, wood, concrete and more. Blue Foam Bond adhesive is tinted blue for easy identification of where it is sprayed. It ... read more

Book Binding Tape- ''The Best'' Transparent 3M #845

Don't be fooled by low quality look-alikes - insist on genuine 3M book tape for reinforcing book spines, paperbacks, magazines, etc. Extremely transparent and flexible, it is excellent for book repair uses. Will not discolor, crack or peel. Core diameter ... read more

Book Repair Tape

Both the 1" and 2" tapes are used to hinge covers, reinforce pamphlets, repair covers and loose pages. They use a strong, acid-free linen fabric coated with neutral pH adhesive. While the repair is permanent the tape may be removed ... read more

Book Repair Wings

Book Repair Wings offer an inexpensive means of reinforcing book spines and corners. One size fits most books and no measuring or cutting is needed. Book Repair Wings are made of the same long lasting cloth material as our cloth ... read more

Conservation Work Station NEW

The Conservation Work Station comes to us from our European partner, PEL (Preservation Equipment Ltd.) This compact piece of equipment combines the elements of a temperature controlled conservation spatula system with a hot air tool with adjustable fan speed and ... read more

Deluxe Hot Melt

This gentle hot-melt adhesive comes highly recommended for use around art and artifacts. Bonds most polyolefins (Ethafoam, Volara and Plastazote). Its non-corrosive properties won't affect even copper. Glue stick size is 0.625'' diameter x 2'' long. Price per one pound ... read more

Document Repair Tape

This very thin and extremely transparent pressure sensitive document repair tape is non-yellowing, removable with solvents, and has a neutral pH. To use, dispense a length of tissue, place over the tear, and burnish with a bone folder. Working the ... read more

Double Coated Transparent 3M 415 Tape

A double coated transparent tape used by the Library of Congress and many archivists for encapsulation of documents, prints and photographs. Price per roll.


Ethulose adhesive (ethyl hydroxenthyl cellulose) forms a tough flexible film when dry. Easy to prepare: simply dust the correct amount of Ethulose onto the surface of well-stirred water, stir until the mixture thickens and let it stand overnight until Ethulose ... read more

EVA Neutral pH Adhesive

This specially formulated, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), neutral pH adhesive was created for the lamination of paper and paperboard. The adhesive is free of plasticizers and less susceptible to acid hydrolysis than more common archival quality adhesives which ... read more

Filmoplast P for mending paper

Filmoplast P is a highly transparent mending tape suitable for invisible dry mending of tears in documents, pages, maps, etc. Made of very thin acid-free tissue coated with a self-adhesive. Tested by the Federal Institute for Material Testing who reported ... read more

Filmoplast P-90 Self-Adhesive Paper Tape

Filmoplast P-90 is a long fibered paper tape which is especially useful for repairing joints of book sections to be restitched, replacing torn-out pages and mending damages edges of documents and pages. Tested by the Federal Institute for Materials Testing ... read more

Filmoplast R Heat Set Tissue

This transparent technical Japanese Mulberry Paper (pH 8.9) is coated with an acrylic adhesive for use in the restoration, repair, and embedding of modern acidic papers. The adhesive is free of plasticizers, is age resistant, colorless, non-yellowing and buffered with ... read more

Fish Glue

A high-tack adhesive, light tan color. Free of salt but will shrink upon drying. Adding 10% glycerin will give greater flexibility and reduce shrinkage. This product is commonly used as an adhesive in furniture restoration where long drying times are ... read more

Frame Sealing Tape

Developed specifically to seal backing board to frames, this pressure sensitive tape attaches firmly to almost any surface and conforms well to most surface irregularities. Manufactured from our exclusive Perma/Seal label stock with a foil layer, a non-yellowing, permanent acrylic ... read more

Framing/Hinging Gummed Paper Tape

The high tensile strength of this quality, water activated hinging tape will support all but the heaviest works of art. The paper is acid-free with a calcium carbonate buffer and a pH of 8.5. The neutral pH adhesive has excellent ... read more

Funori 100% seaweed

Used primarily for repairs of old works on paper or textiles. Simply add Funori to boiling water and stir well. Continue cooking until desired stickiness is achieved. Because the adhesive is weak, it will not damage original pieces. Easy to ... read more

Griptite Fasteners

Our Griptite pull fasteners have found their way into libraries around the world, securing battered books, holding rolled maps and drawings, and gathering document files. Made from natural, stable, non-toxic cotton. Won't break down or stain like acidic pull fasteners. ... read more