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Fiber Optic Lightsheet

The Fiber Optic Light Sheet provides a safe, heat-free and UV-free bright light used for back illumination in bound books for research of water marks, repairs and photography. Ideal for conservators who require a flexible, safe, cool light source for ... read more

LED Light Panels

These Light Panels have an ultra-slim 3/4" profile and removable adapter to fit conveniently into your briefcase or portfolio for transport. Mount it on the wall, or place it on your tabletop in either a portrait or landscape orientation (display ... read more

Light Gathering Loupe - Acrylic

This solid acrylic magnifier, with it's innovative optical engineering and precision lens grinding, actually intensifies the light that passes through it, making the magnified object clearer and brighter. 90mm for medium format negatives, 4" x 5" film and other ... read more

Luxo Lighted Magnifiers

This LED magnifier features heavy-duty, all-metal construction with a sleek design, adjustable arm and excellent light output making it suitable for a variety of conservation applications. The excellent optics include a 5" diameter optical-quality glass lens combined with powerful LED ... read more


We are pleased to offer an all new portable photography lighting studio. It is lightweight, economical, and ideal for photographing small items for internet sales, insurance claims, cataloging and many other applications. The Porta-Studio comes fully assembled and ready to ... read more

Porta-Trace Light Box Table Units

Solid oak trim mounted on sturdy baked white enamel legs makes this newest addition to the Porta-Trace line attractive in any decor. Features a 4-tilt adjustment from 0 to 40 degrees. Easily assembled with 14 bolts. Two sizes are offered, ... read more

Porta-Trace Light Boxes

These rust resistant, stainless steel frame light boxes are the brightest on the market. Rugged, durable and long lasting, they feature proven green LED technology. Proudly made in the USA, the color temperature is bright white LED. Components are ... read more

Slide Sorter

This is an economical and rugged slide sorter for viewing 2'' x 2'' slides. The white enamel finish reflects light for perfect viewing of your slides and each unit features a brightly illuminated translucent styrene viewing panel. The rugged all ... read more

Stereo Card Viewer

View stereo cards the way they were meant to be seen with this economical Stereo Card Viewer. The viewer is ideal for standard stereo cards and also works well with stereo images printed in magazine articles and books. Manufactured from ... read more

Ultra-Thin Flexible Light Sheet

This super-thin flexible light sheet is less than 1mm thick, emits no UV radiation and negligible heat even when used for hours or days at a time. The unit provides an even light over the whole surface - up to ... read more