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Adhesive Backed ''Tamper Evident'' CD/DVD Pockets

These unique disc pockets have a self-adhesive back for easy application to catalogs, binders or brochures. Your discs will fit securely inside, and can only be taken out after removing perforated tab. If tab has been removed, it is apparent ... read more

Angle Flap Pockets

Manufactured from smooth and clear archival 4.5 mil polypropylene. The flap is scored for easy tucking inside. Accommodates CDs, DVDs or booklets up to 5.375" x 5". Overall size is 5.625" wide x 5.375" high. Flap is 1" high. Sold ... read more

Angle Flap Pockets with Adhesive Backing

Edge to edge adhesive for insertion into a book or a manual . Window flap holds CD securely and prevents accumulation of dust. Accommodates CDs, DVDs or booklets up to 5.375" x 5". Overall size is 5.625" wide x ... read more

Archival Gold CD-R: Lasts 300 years!

The recordable Archival Gold CD-R is manufactured using a patented dye that reacts faster to the disc drive's writing laser, making the pit edges used to store data sharper and easier to read. This dye offers the maximum resistance to ... read more

Archival Gold DVD-R: Lasts 100 years!

Now the most reliable media in the world is protected from damage by Scratch Armor scratch resistant coating. Testing has proven that discs coated with Scratch Armor are over ten times more scratch resistant than normal uncoated discs. Archival Gold ... read more

Archivalware 4-CD Pages with Corrosion Intercept Technology

These pages will hold 2 CDs in front and 2 in back. The overall size is 5.75" wide x 10.125" high and will fit in our Perma/Dur Albums as well as in most standard 3-Ring Albums. Price per package of ... read more

Archivalware 8-CD Page Storage System

Our Archivalware Storage System is comprised of a sturdy 3-Ring Album and a matching Slipcase for maximum light/dust protection. Album has 1.5" D-Ring system. Maximum capacity is 15 pages (120 CDs) per album. Overall size is 11.25" high x ... read more

Archivalware Angle Flap Pockets with Corrosion Intercept Technology

One side made of smooth Corrosion Intercept material and the other side is clear 4.5 mil polyethylene. The flap is scored for easy tucking inside. It can accommodate CDs, DVDs , Zip Discs or booklets up to 5.375'' x 5''. ... read more

Archivalware DVD Storage Page with Literature Pocket

A 7.5'' x 5.125'' upper pocket holds standard DVD literature or Photo CD index print while the 5.25'' x 5.125'' houses the corresponding disc. Pages fit in standard 3 Ring Binder. Overall page size is 9.25'' x 11.375''.

Archivalware Jewel Case Inserts w/Corrosion Intercept Technology

The ArchivalWare insert fits neatly on the bottom section of the jewel case around the hub. The self-adhesive holds it in place to offer protection from air-borne pollutants, mold or mildew. These inserts will remain active for 40+ years. This ... read more

Black/Clear CD Binder Pages

Manufactured from clear archival polypropylene on the outside and black, non-woven polypropylene on the interior which helps prevent scratching. These pages provide an economical and safe way to store your compact discs or DVDs and photo discs. Won't stick to ... read more

CD Storage Box

This CD/DVD storage box is acid-free 60 point boxboard. The metal edge corners provide strength and durability. The flip top provides easy access. That box measures 5-3/4''W x 6''D x 5-5/8''H. Holds 14 standard CD/DVD jewel cases or 28 slim ... read more

CD Storage Boxes and Accessories

Make the most of your shelf space while at the same time, protecting your CDs from dust, dirt and environmental pollutants. Both of these boxes store up to 25 CDs and accompanying literature in either the original jewel cases or ... read more

Compact Disc Envelopes

These sturdy, inexpensive storage envelopes help protect all types of compact discs from atmospheric pollutants that can corrode a CD's very important metallic layer. Each acid-free envelope is buffered with calcium carbonate to neutralize acids. The 5" x 5" enclosure ... read more

Compact Disc Identification Labels

These CD labels feature high tack, acid-free permanent acrylic adhesive. The white, smudge-proof labels have a foil backing to protect from bleed through of the adhesive. Note: If you are holding CDs for permanent retention, the circle labels for CDs ... read more

Corrosion Intercept CD Protectors

Atmospheric ozones and ultraviolet light as well as static electricity can be potentially lethal for CDs. These new Corrosion Intercept CD Pockets offer the protection from all three. Your music or your data can be protected from these harmful elements. ... read more

Dividers For Angle Flap Pockets

Dividers for Angle Flap CD Pockets are the same size as the pockets for easy browsing. They may be hand-lettered or you can use printable Perma/Seal labels (#387-1735). Dividers are made of heavy duty acid-free cardstock for lasting life. Overall ... read more


The new standard for Archival Discs and obtaining long term data retention. Better than Gold, JVC has perfected low error DVD's by employing a special Silver Alloy that improves the discs reflectivity. The dense and fine structure alloy of silver ... read more

JVC Error Checker

Error Checker: Digital media requires checking error rates of DVD'd to determine when future migration will be required. This Error Checker, manufactured by TEAC, is optimized for JVC Archival Grade DVD-R and has a self-diagnostic function. Click below for more ... read more

JVC Internal/External Drives

Media Recorder: A specially tuned-up drive, manufactured by TEAC, to provide the most suitable laser power for JVC Archival Grade DVD-R's, which minimizes the occurrence of writing errors. Drives have a "Self Diagnostic Function". This function prevents drives from running ... read more