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Anti-Tarnish Strips

Anti-Tarnish Strips prevent silver, gold, copper, brass, nickel, bronze and pewter items from tarnishing during shipment, storage, and display. These anti-tarnish strips won't off-gass or leave a residue, and work with all packaging including jewelry and display cases, poly bags, ... read more

Color Coded 2 x 2 in. Coin Holders

2” x 2” display cases featuring foam inserts with American Banking Association color codes for easy sorting on the front along with denomination, date, and grade information. Also features a black reverse for arranging an eye catching display at coin ... read more

Perma/Dur Coin Envelopes

Acid-Free Perma/Dur Coin Envelopes are a generous 2" x 2" with an ample 1.25" flap to keep coins protected from dirt, dust and light. Price per package of 100 envelopes.

Sovereign Archival Pocket Pages

Crystal clear archival polyester pocket pages accommodate a variety of currency sizes. Store and display your collection in University Products' exclusive pocket pages for standard 3 ring albums. Overall page size is 9.5" x 11.5".  Packaged in units of 10.

Sovereign Envelopes for Bank Notes, Checks and Documents

Crystal clear archival polyester makes Sovereign Envelopes your best choice for exhibition or storage of a variety of sizes of currency. The exclusive .625" lip at the opening of the envelope makes insertion much easier and there is less chance ... read more

Suspension Storage Boxes

Archival Quality Suspension Boxes are constructed with thin, highly stretchable and flexible plastic membranes, both in the top and bottom halves of the box, which, when closed, form snugly around the object being stored, holding it securely in place. The ... read more