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Bookkeeper Deacidification Spray

Neutralize acidic paper with Bookkeeper Deacidification spray. Magnesium Oxide is the neutralizing agent in Bookkeeper which permanently "fixes" in the cellulosic fibers and on the paper's surface. Bookkeeper uses only non-toxic and non-hazardous materials and dries odor-free on treated documents. ... read more

Buffering Solutions 230 ml

Prepared with analytical grade chemicals under the stringent ISO 9002 regulations.

ColorpHast Indicator Strips

Non-bleeding ColorpHast pH Indicator Strips are easy to use. Distinctions between pH levels are facilitated by sharp contrasts between adjacent color squares. A matched colored scale is provided for each pH measurement. Strips are accurate to 0.5 pH limits. Excellent ... read more

Conservation Work Trays

Quality, heavy weight, high impact polyethylene plastic trays for a variety of conservation uses. Excellent for bleaching or deacidification by immersion. These trays are solid white, seamless, and possess a corrosion resistant surface. The handy pouring corner is useful for ... read more

Iron Gall Ink Test Paper

Developed by the Conservation Research Department at the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage in context of their extensive research into iron gall ink corrosion. This non-bleeding iron test paper has been developed as a simple and quick method to detect ... read more

Lineco pH Testing Pen

With a simple swipe of Lineco's pH testing Pen, you can determine whether the paper and board you are using is acidic. This easy, convenient method allows you to distinguish the difference between safe (neutral or alkaline) paper and board ... read more

Materials Testing Kit

Environmental acids are a danger to any collection. This kit provides information and supplies to aid in the testing of construction materials. The Materials Testing Kit includes 24 glass jars, acid detection strips, tweezers, silver coupons, lead coupons, aluminum foil, ... read more

pH Indicator Pen

This pen takes over where other pH indicator pens leave off. The sophisticated chemistry of this pen provides instant, accurate pH readings on paper from 1.0 to 12.0. Simply draw a line on a paper sample and match the resulting ... read more


The internationally patented Quicksilver method is the most advanced system available for cleaning sterling and silver plate. A 12'' x 12'' perforated electrolytic alloy metal grid creates a very controlled, low intensity magnetic field which is just strong enough to ... read more

Stainless Steel Conservation Work Trays

Heavy duty, stainless steel work trays are corrosion resistant and feature a seamless, curved corner design. Unlimited uses in the conservation lab. Price each.