Aprèsfoto archival photo boxes provide safe storage and presentation of your valuable prints. The majority of our boxes are made from museum quality corrugated board, paperboard, or archival polypropylene. They are constructed in either a reinforced metal-edge design or a ready-to-assemble fold and lock design that ships and stores flat.

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4'' x 6'' Print Proof Boxes

Storage of your 4" x 6" photographs can now be accomplished with ease and elegance. These beautiful clamshell storage boxes are offered with a variety of designer covering materials that reflect the quality of your photographic collections. The interior is ... read more

Archival Perma/Dur Digital Output Storage Boxes

Sized to accommodate popular sizes of desktop inkjet or laser prints. These sturdy boxes offer a protective environment for digital images. Boxes are acid and lignin-free and have passed the PAT Test. They feature a cutaway front for easy access ... read more

Bulk Photo Storage Boxes

When you love to take pictures but can't seem to find the time to store and organize them properly, these sturdy acid-free storage containers provide a quick, convenient method of assuring your photographs are kept in safe conditions while they ... read more

Clamshell Lid Negative/Print Storage Boxes

Store negatives and prints in a minimal amount of space in drawers or on shelves, with these sturdy museum quality clamshell boxes. They will help protect your negative and print collection from the atmospheric contaminants of pollution, dust, and dirt ... read more

Corrugated Polypropylene Archival Print Boxes NEW

Protect and store prints or documents in our deep lid, ready-to-assemble, Corrugated Polypropylene Archival Print Boxes. They are an easy and economical way to preserve your prints and photographs loose or in sleeves or mat-mounted. Manufactured from inert, black corrugated ... read more

Deluxe Infinity Photo Files

Our acid-free and lignin-free Infinity Archival Photo Files meet museum standards for safe photographic storage. Files contain calcium carbonate to absorb migrant acidity from the atmosphere or from handling. Also included are 25 acid-free envelopes, an index, polypropylene negative sleeves ... read more

Digital Photography Portfolio Shipping Case

The Portfolio Shipping Cases are a rigid black corrugated plastic which is light weight and incredibly strong. The shipping box features black flocked foam around the portfolio which enhances the presentation of the portfolio and serves as protection and cushioning. ... read more

Digital Photography Portfolios

Give high impact presentations of your digital photography without spending a fortune. Whether you choose from the impressive bonded leather covered portfolios or the traditional black or tan you will achieve a positive impact for your presentation. The exclusive pull-tab ... read more

Drop Front Negative/Print Storage Boxes

These negative/print storage boxes are designed with a "drop-front" allowing easy access to negatives or prints which are stored flat. Each box is large enough to accommodate negatives or prints in a variety of envelopes. (If you are storing items ... read more

Drop-Side Corrugated Storage Boxes

Acid-free, Lignin-free, drop side, B-flute corrugated storage boxes are ideal for protecting prints and photos, artwork, maps, newspapers, and any other valued documents. The drop-side construction allows items to be easily removed without damage. Features include a complete telescoping lid ... read more

Ebony Portfolio/Album

The elegant appearance and functional quality defy the economical price. Rust proof, polished black, metal corners provide stacking strength and create a wonderful accent for the heavy-weight, acid-free, matte black exterior. The unit opens to expose a soft-white, acid-free interior ... read more

Economical Polypropylene Clamshell Storage Boxes

Designed to preserve 4" x 5", 5" x 7",  8 x 10" and 9" x 12" photos, negatives and transparencies (in their protective sleeves), these corrugated polypropylene clamshell boxes have the advantage of four-corner closure tabs for extra security. Protects ... read more

Infinity Archival Boxbinder

Preserve your family's most personal treasures for generations to come with the Infinity Archival Box Binder. Like a box, this unique format protects your collectibles, photographs and other mementos from damaging dust and light, yet allows you to use it ... read more

Infinity Digital Output Storage Boxes

The Infinity Archival Boxes are manufactured from sturdy archival boxboard covered with an attractive embossed archival book cloth for improved durability and elegant appearance. The white acid-free and lignin-free interior of the box provides a protective environment for prints of ... read more

Infinity Photo File

A photo organizing system that meets museum standards yet is both practical and easy to use. Acid-free and lignin-free box is assembled with metal corner construction. Includes 12 acid-free envelopes. Holds up to 1000 3.5" x 5", or 4" x ... read more

Lineco Folio Storage Boxes

Lineco Folio Storage Boxes combine color, texture, and design into archival quality boxes with avant-garde appeal. Our faux leather covering feels like real leather – soft yet supple, and has a very classic look. The metallic covering looks like ... read more

Moisture Resistant Corrugated Triangular Roll Storage

Ready-to-assemble B-flute corrugated storage boxes with a water-resistant coating. The boxes are manufactured from acid-free, lignin-free corrugated board that is buffered for a pH of approximately 8.5. Because these boxes ship and store flat, you save money and space. Acrylic ... read more

Panoramic Print Boxes NEW

Designed to house panoramic prints in our Print Folders, these archival boxes open flat for easy viewing of the contents. The 12" x 36" size features metal edge corners, while the larger 24" x 36" is constructed with a traditional ... read more

Perma/Cor Corrugated Drop Front Boxes, E-Flute

Our E-Flute corrugated board is made from 100% virgin, high alpha-cellulose pulp and is acid-free and lignin-free. The pulp has been chemically purified and bleached to eliminate impurities that could, over time, lead to the deterioration of the material or ... read more

Perma/Cor E-Flute Corrugated Clamshell Boxes

These E-Flute Clamshell design boxes open flat in a portfolio style for easy examination of magazines, pamphlets, prints and photos. Metal edge reinforcements give these boxes extra stacking strength and protect contents from damage. Buffered with a 3% calcium carbonate ... read more