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Dibond is a rigid, durable aluminum composite material consisting of two sheets of .012-inch aluminum pre-painted with a white polyester finish, bonded to a solid polyethylene core - a unique composition that makes it approximately one-half the weight of aluminum. ... read more

Edinborough Archival Conservation Mounting Board

This superior quality, purified high alpha cellulose mounting board is buffered with 3% calcium carbonate for an alkaline reserve and will resist fading, discoloration and embrittlement for years to come. Manufactured to museum quality standards, this mounting board has a ... read more

Gallery Frames

This line of ready-made Archival Gallery Frames is designed to enhance the beauty of your photographs while preserving their quality. The Archival Gallery Frames feature a specially designed metal molding in classic matte black. Clean and distinctive they ensure a ... read more

Hexamount Archival Honeycomb Panels

Hexamount Panels are manufactured with a hexagonal honeycomb center and select facings. It is ideal for framing, mounting, encaustic art, architectural models, protective packaging of documents and artifacts, and other projects. Hexamount Panels are lignin-free, with a pH ... read more

Kensington Buffered 100% Rag Museum Quality Mounting Board

Manufactured from 100% select cotton fibers, this top quality rag board features a 3% calcium carbonate buffer to guard against acid migration. The pH level of 8.5 enables it to resist fading, discoloration, and embrittlement. It is the standard for ... read more

Kensington Unbuffered 100% Rag White Museum Mounting Board

Photo Mounting Board of the highest quality 100% rag fibers without the addition of calcium carbonate. Recommended for use with black & white photos and those which are chromogenic, albumen or die transfer prints. Additionally, textiles such as silk or ... read more

Lineco 100% Rag Gallery Mat Board

We've taken the most popular colors of our 100% cotton rag mat board and made it available at the lowest price imaginable. And we didn't skimp on quality. This board is made with 100% cotton fibers, with solid color throughout. ... read more

Lineco Conservation Mat Board NEW

Lineco Conservation Board features pigmented conservation quality surface papers and a high alpha cellulose conservation core. Bleed and fade resistant throughout, this 4 Ply +/-53 Pt. Conservation Mat Board is buffered with 3% calcium carbonate and is available in the ... read more

Mounting and Support Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

These panels feature a .016" aluminum skin, a sealed poplar wood frame and a lightweight aluminum honeycomb core. While the aluminum skin is not intended to be a finished display surface, we can add 40 pt. conservation board to ... read more

Photo Frames

These photo frames will enhance your photography and keep it safe from harmful environmental problems. Your print is protected by a 2 ply mounting board in the back and an 8 ply mat board in the front, both featuring Artcare ... read more

Pre-Cut Exhibition Mats

Our exhibition mats featuring pre-cut windows with an attractive 45 degree bevel have been hand-cut with the finest mat cutting equipment available. Over-cuts are virtually invisible and waves, hooks and bows almost non-existent. All openings are centered so mat can ... read more

Pre-Cut Exhibition Mats - From Kensington 100% Rag Archival Quality Board

We've taken the work out of conservation quality matting with our archival, pre-cut exhibition mats. Your favorite artwork can be preserved for future generations when matted with our Kensington 100% cotton fiber mats. Board is buffered with a 3% calcium ... read more

Pre-Cut Museum Mats

Pre-cut museum mats feature an 8-ply 100% cotton top mat with window opening and a 4-ply 100% cotton back mat (mount) with the extra protection of Artcare technology that protects artwork from pollution damage and acid degradation. Deep, extra-thick, bright ... read more

Pre-Cut Presentation Mat Kit

Presentation mat kits are made of archival 100% rag museum mounting board and Lineco archival photo tabs. Each kit includes 2 sets of 4-ply window mats and 2-ply backer boards, photo tabs and complete instructions. The backer boards are preprinted ... read more

Self Adhesive Mounting Board

This new ''Perfect Mount'' cold application adhesive mounting board makes it easy to mount your photos and prints like a professional without a dry mounting press. Simply peel the liner and position the photograph on the board. Most items bond ... read more

Studio Frames

The flat top profile of these matte black, anodized aluminum frames lends an air of distinction to your framed photographs. Mats and mounting board are 100% rag museum quality with the extra protection of Artcare technology that protects artwork ... read more

Tribeca Wood Frames

Traditional flat top design, matte black finish and UV filter glazing make these wooden frames ideal for photographic images. Mats and mounting board are 100% rag museum quality with the extra protection of Artcare technology that protects artwork from ... read more