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ExhibiSafe Moisture Control Packs NEW

When combined with properly sealed display cases and storage areas, ExhibiSafe moisture control packs help create a more stable relative humidity (RH) level, aiding in the preservation of artifacts.  ExhibiSafe packs are designed to assist in maintaining ambient conditions inside ... read more

Conservation Work Station NEW

The Conservation Work Station comes to us from our European partner, PEL (Preservation Equipment Ltd.) This compact piece of equipment combines the elements of a temperature controlled conservation spatula system with a hot air tool with adjustable fan speed and ... read more

Dino-Lite Digital Microscope Premier NEW

The Dino-Lite AM3111T handheld digital microscope camera with MicroTouch has natural color technology providing colors true to their original appearance. The AM3111T features a MicroTouch trigger which is a sensor that provides convenient snapshot ability without disturbing the image by ... read more

Dino-Lite Digital Microscope Basic NEW

The Dino-Lite Basic is an easy and fun USB digital microscope for anyone curious to see the world closer than you can ever see with the naked eye. This model is a simple and hassle free all in one portable ... read more

The Just-in-case Case NEW

The Just-in-case Case is a complete disaster preparedness kit. While there are spill kits and first aids kits available no one provides a kit that comes close to the Just-In-Case Case disaster preparedness kit. The kit has been created with ... read more

Armature Wire NEW

Create your own T-armatures, spider mounts, and other artifact display supports using Almaloy Armature Wire. This lightweight, non-corrosive, fully pliable, non-staining wire is offered in several thicknesses to support all types and sizes of objects on display. Weight and length ... read more

Wax Cylinder Storage Boxes NEW

These unique wax cylinder storage boxes allow you to store the wax cylinder and its original container together, but in separate cavities in the same box to prevent damage from old, cotton-lined packaging. Each box is constructed from e-flute corrugated ... read more

Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Data Logger NEW

This Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Data Logger measures and stores over one million temperature and humidity readings until you wirelessly stream them over the Bluetooth connection onto any compatible Android device. The EasyLog Bluetooth app for Android, downloadable from the ... read more

Guardian Storage Box NEW

Have true peace of mind for important documents and hard-to-replace records. Redesigned with a durable body and a flush mounted faceplate, this file provides reliable protection from threats like fire and flood. Integrated handles make the file easy to carry, ... read more

Open Shelf Files NEW

The open shelf filing system provides the greatest visibility, easiest access and highest density storage available. Ideal for documents, supplies, binders, literature, and packaged items. Shelves and supports snap together with shoulder rives, adding extra rigidity to create ... read more

Classic Metal Eyeglass Loupes NEW

Our classic metal eyeglass loupes have set the standard for quality optics and now raise the bar even higher, with major enhancements. A necessity for detailed work! Made with precision optical glass. Lightweight, fully adjustable up to 360 degrees. ... read more

Lineco Basics 100% Rag Gallery Mat Board NEW

We've taken the most popular colors of our 100% cotton rag mat board and made it available at the lowest price imaginable. And we didn't skimp on quality. This board is made with 100% cotton fibers, with solid color throughout. ... read more

Evolon® NEW

Evolon is a unique, microfilament fabric combining good textile and mechanical properties. It is soft, drapable and light (130 gsm), but at the same time, is also very strong. Its' compact fiber structure makes it dense, providing good barrier and ... read more

Tuff Stuff Weight Bags NEW

These heavy-duty weight bags are constructed with a water repellent, polyester denier fabric commonly used to make luggage, sport and duffle bags - so you know they're tough. The fabric is wrapped around a 1.5 mil polybag containing 1.5 pounds ... read more

Ex Libris® Portable Flat Files NEW

Designed as a light-weight and portable alternative to flat files, these five-drawer units are ideal for archival storage of graphic art, photographs, mounted art, maps and drawings. Each individual drawer is constructed of inert, black corrugated polypropylene which provides a ... read more

LED Headlight NEW

University Products has always been the market leader in magnification solutions for conservation and restoration, and now the company's expertise has created a uniquely designed clip-on LED light. This new hands-free illumination device can attach to any eyewear or to ... read more

Loc Doc Box NEW

This Lockable Document Box is manufactured with inert, high density polyethylene to repel water in case of a water disaster. The 15" x 12" x 10" interior dimensions are the same as a standard bankers box to accommodate both letter ... read more

Sewing Frame NEW

This sewing frame is built with beech wood and coated with a transparent varnish in a satin finish. The base is wooden with an intermediate assembly which maintains it always to the right side. Underneath, there are two reinforcements that ... read more

One-Faced Finishing Press 38/28cm NEW

This press can be built in beech or maple woods for the body and the screws. Tzalam wood can only be used for the body. In every case and combination, it is coated with transparent varnish in a satin finish. ... read more

Double Faced Finishing Press 38 cm NEW

Built with beech wood from the body to the screws, this press is coated with transparent varnish in a satin finish. As with most horizontal presses, this model offers the possibility of working on the face with reduced declines in ... read more