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Label Holders NEW

The label holder (another industry standard) lives along side the artwork or as close as is relevant and provides basic information about the object on view. Again, the objective is to offer the information in the simplest, least distracting manner ... read more

Information Stands NEW

This information stand clearly displays information or directions on a solid stable base with an overall height of 44 inches(1100mm). Standard sized displays are 8.5 x 11 inches and 11 x 14 inches. These can be used in portrait or ... read more

Freestanding Barriers NEW

This barrier is fast becoming the standard in many of the world's major museums. The stable steel base and upright supports an elasticated cord (elastic cord sold separately here) that defines restricted access but gives to the touch without tripping ... read more

Elastic Cord NEW

The elastic cord for the barriers comes in gray; in three lengths; 65', 164', and 330'. Price per roll.

Barrier Wall Terminators NEW

Barrier Wall Terminators allow you to terminate the elastic cords to a wall. Price each.

Chrome Caliper Stands NEW

Perfect for Mineral and Fossil display, but you'll find these chrome caliper stands great for other display applications. The sleek design of these chrome calipers gives them a very elegant look. They come with rubber pads on the inside screw ... read more

Rivet Tool with Swivel Head NEW

This handy tool will help you mechanically fasten a variety of materials including boxboard, Perma/Dur® Corrugated Board, Coroplast®, Vivak®, and light weight aluminum. Perfect to create boxes, pamphlet binders, and various mounts. Rotates 360 degrees for easy access in tight ... read more

Peel-Stik Polypockets NEW

Identify, protect and organize using clear archival polypropylene adhesive back pockets. Available in many sizes for many different applications including index cards, photos, sports cards, business cards, or add a pocket to the inside of a binder, album or journal. ... read more

Ultra-Thin Flexible Light Sheet NEW

This super-thin flexible light sheet is less than 1mm thick, emits no UV radiation and negligible heat even when used for hours or days at a time. The unit provides an even light over the whole surface - up to ... read more

''Photo - Editing and Presentation'' NEW

Douglas Holleley PhD’s book focuses on how to use creative editing and presentation to provide an overall visual experience that is much richer than can be achieved by looking at each single image in isolation. There is a discussion of ... read more

Crinkle Cloth NEW

This cheesecloth-like material has no starch, sizing or binders added, has instant absorbency, and will not scratch or mar surfaces, making it perfect for cleaning and refurbishing. The material comes in 9” x 15” sheets wrapped in a ... read more

Window Envelopes - Tan NEW

While the inert, clear polyester window protects your images from dirt, dust and fingerprints, the buffered paper portion of these envelopes helps prevent damaging acids from forming. Especially made for your digital photographic images, these window envelopes ... read more

Window Envelopes - White NEW

While the inert, clear polyester window protects your images from dirt, dust and fingerprints, the buffered paper portion of these envelopes helps prevent damaging acids from forming. Especially made for your digital photographic images, these window envelopes are also great ... read more

Drop Front Box Folders NEW

University Products has developed a line of archival flushcut folders to fit our standard size drop-front boxes. These archival folders are manufactured with the same acid-free, 10 pt. folder stock used to create Perma/Dur® file folders. The folders allow you ... read more

Nesting Box Storage System NEW

Convert a standard bulk record storage carton in to a neat and organized, multi-purpose artifact storage system. Five new boxes were created to mix, match and nest neatly inside our blue/gray corrugated storage carton (and most other standard size letter/legal ... read more

Mini Digital Humidity and Temperature Meter NEW

Simultaneously displays indoor temperature and humidity. The large LCD display also tracks minimum and maximum temperature and humidity levels and features a low battery warning. Great for small areas including display cases. Mounts on either horizontal or vertical surfaces. Temperature ... read more

Numbered Display Pins NEW

These numbered pins are perfect for placement next to artifacts in a display case that corresponds to nearby signage identifying the objects. They can also be placed alongside of paintings and other hanging wall art in a gallery setting, and ... read more

4'' x 6'' Print Proof Boxes NEW

Storage of your 4" x 6" photographs can now be accomplished with ease and elegance. These beautiful clamshell storage boxes are offered with a variety of designer covering materials that reflect the quality of your photographic collections. The interior is ... read more

Window Envelopes - Black NEW

Your digital photographic images never looked so good! These acid-free charcoal black storage envelopes feature an archival polyester window so your pictures are easy to see but are protected from dirt, dust and fingerprints. A 0.5" black border frames the ... read more

Film and Print Boxes NEW

These sturdy archival boxes are ideal for use in the studio or darkroom. Each box is acid-free, lignin-free and buffered. The exterior is wrapped in an attractive, presentation quality textured black material. A full telescoping lid keeps damaging dirt, dust ... read more