CoLibri Book Covering System NEW





The CoLibri System, patented worldwide, is designed to produce covers that custom fit books of every type and size.  Two models are offered. 

The e-Leonardo

The e-Leonardo, for one touch efficiency, quickly covers large quantities of books wrinkle and bubble-free. The machine senses, checks, lowers, welds, trims and rises again with the simple touch of a button. Advanced digitally controlled sensors offer perfect results every time and the animated display makes it easy to learn, and cover books with ease. 

The e-DaVinci – Covers Extra Large Books

The e-DaVinci, is custom designed using the efficiencies of the e-Leonardo to handle even the largest books with ease. Engineered to control temperature, timing and pressure for 100% accurate welding and trimming with the touch of a button. The patented e-DaVinci’s animated display provides easy step-by-step instructions and records the number of cuts the machine makes and protects the text with no tape, no glue, no scissors, and no mess.


Custom Covers

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Covering Machine
094-2218 CoLibri Book Covering Machine - e-DaVinci $1,575.00
094-2217 CoLibri Book Covering Machine - e-Leonardo $1,374.90
3.5 mil Covers
094-951275 Mini Covers 9.5'' x 12.75'', 250/pkg $270.40
094-125195 Standard Covers 12.5'' x 19.5'', 250/pkg $281.20
4.7 mil Covers
094-951376 Mini Covers 9.5'' x 12.75'', 200/pkg $256.25
094-125296 Standard Covers 12.5'' x 19.5'', 200/pkg $267.95
4.7 mil Pouches
094-172576 Big Pouch, 17'' x 24.75'', 100/pkg $156.40
094-172475 Big Pouch, 17'' x 24.75'', 125/pkg $156.85