CoLibri Book Covering System





The CoLibri System is an innovative internationally patented book protection system. With CoLibri, you can quickly and easily apply a special transparent, custom fitted durable and protective covering to your books. In just 20 seconds, you can restore integrity to the covers of any size or type of book or publication. The covers attach to the book without glue; it does not alter the original cover and can be removed at any time. Especially suited for public libraries and book archives where its use is rapidly expanding to prolong book life. Books can now be handled frequently without risk of damage. On the shelf, the transparent covering shields books from dust while leaving the bar code or catalog number visible and protected. Colibri makes a significant contribution in offices, laboratories, workshops, or archives where it easily resolves problems of conservation of volumes, diagrams, drawings, documents, drafts, plans and photographs. The system consists of a simple desktop machine and polyethylene covers. Manufactured to the highest standards, it is elegant, compact (26" x 16" x 5") and portable. Covers are priced 250 per package. Big Pouches are priced per package of 125.

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094-2654 CoLibri Book Covering Machine $1,346.80
094-951275 Mini Covers 9.5" x 12.75" $260.00
094-125195 Standard Covers 12.5" x 19.5" $270.40
094-172475 Big Pouch, 17" x 24.75" $150.80