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Acrylic Cutters

The Swivel Blade Acrylic Cutter features a hardened steel blade that scores and cuts acrylic up to 1/4" thick. Swivel blade folds away safely for storage, yet stays in place when scoring. The Heavy-duty Acrylic Cutter's larger, heavier ... read more

Acrylic Sheeting Bending Strip

This 24" 55 watt, flexible silicon strip heater offers and effective, economical way for you to bend plastic and acrylic material of to 1/4" thick. Allows you to create a variety of custom book supports, artifact stands, and other ... read more

Adhesive Applicators

Choose the 1/2 ounce plastic applicator bottle complete with 27 gauge metal needle for the precise application of adhesive to help create intricate book supports and other display aids, or you may prefer the syringe applicator, also with 27 gauge ... read more

Armature Wire NEW

Create your own T-armatures, spider mounts, and other artifact display supports using Almaloy Armature Wire. This lightweight, non-corrosive, fully pliable, non-staining wire is offered in several thicknesses to support all types and sizes of objects on display. Weight and length ... read more

Benchmark Pinning Pliers

For your next pinning project, try the easiest and most versatile pinning pliers imaginable. These pliers have a groove across one jaw for a firm grip on pins and a curved nose to provide a fulcrum for leverage. Manufactured from ... read more

Benchmark Teflon TFE 4:1 Heat-shrink Tubing

Pins usually need protective padding; heat-shrink tubing is one solution. With a 4:1 shrinkage ratio, our .078125'' diameter tubing fits all our pins. The Teflon is slippery enough to get around the bends in your pins, yet hold well to ... read more

Buffing Kit

Remove fine scratches and polish edges from plastic surfaces with this conveniently packaged kit. Each kit contains a 4" diameter sewn cloth buffing wheel and a 2 oz stick of buffing compound. Requires Arbor adapter (sold separately) to ... read more

Edge Scraper

This unique tool has four features in one. Not only will it remove cut marks from flat edges, it also bevels thick and thin material, and will radius the edge quickly and evenly. Instructions included. Price each.

Extruded Clear Acrylic Rod

Use these clear acrylic rods to create inconspicuous supports and stabilizers for objects on display. Simply twirl the rod in front of a heat gun to soften and bend to the desired shape. Price each.

Heat Gun

This compact and lightweight heat gun allows you to bend acrylic rods, shrink tubing over wire, soften corrugated plastic for easier folding, and a accomplish a host of other mountmaking requirements. Features an easy grip handle and hanging loop. ... read more

Heavy Duty Strip Heater for Bending Acrylic Sheets NEW

An acrylic plastic sheet can be placed on these heavy-duty strip heaters until it is soft and pliable enough to bend to the desired form. Capable of heating sheets up to 0.5" thick. Unit measures 48"L x 7"W. Price each.

Hot Wire Ethafoam Bow Cutter NEW

This hand-held, easy-to-use bow cutter allows free form cutting of Ethafoam®. Comes complete with industrial quality built-in power controller and heats to a maximum temperature of 400-500 degrees F. Ready to use! No complicated wiring or design required. Replacement heating ... read more

Plastic Polishing and Scratch Removal Kit

This handy kit has all you need to prepare edges of acrylic and other plastic material for gluing, to repair surface scratches, and to polish surfaces. Kit contains .5 oz each of 20/20 Plasti-Polish and 20/20 Plasti-Cleaner, polishing cloth, ... read more

Plastic Syringes

For both manual and pneumatic usage, the kit contains one 6cc and one 35cc syringe along with five different tips. These dispensing syringes are ideal for small or large applications of adhesives, paste resins and many other materials. The barrels ... read more

Polypropylene Pellets

A 100% polypropylene weighted stuffing material. All pellets have a smooth edge with oval contour to create a uniform fill. Use to fill lengths of stockinette to make anchor weights for pottery and other objects. Also used to create book ... read more

Rivet Tool with Swivel Head

This handy tool will help you mechanically fasten a variety of materials including boxboard, Perma/Dur® Corrugated Board, Coroplast®, Vivak®, and light weight aluminum. Perfect to create boxes, pamphlet binders, and various mounts. Rotates 360 degrees for easy access in tight ... read more

Thickened Cement

This thickened high strength, medium bodied solvent cement is a fast-setting and bonds acrylics, rigid PVC, styrene, butyrate, and polycarbonate to themselves and each other, as well as other plastics and porous surfaces. Fills small gaps and dries clear. ... read more

Vacuum Cups

Vacuum Cups are the safest, easiest way to move large vitrines, pedestals, and other nonporous flat surfaces. A must for every preparator's tool box, these vacuum cups feature an audio alarm that sounds when they begin to lose suction, allowing ... read more