Cascade Mid-Cabinet Tote Tray Storage with Riser Shelf





This Cascade Mid Tower Tote Storage System is designed for maximum capacity classroom storage. The mega tower width is 42.375” tall and offers great capacity and flexibility. This system is part of a comprehensive organization, storage and distribution solution for classroom materials and learning aids. The Cascade Tower houses bins that can contain anything from manipulatives to art materials to individual students school work. Built with Smith Systems emphasis on functionality, durability and style. An included riser shelf can be a work surface or place for learning materials to reside. Doors open 270 degrees, flush with the end panels, allowing unobstructed access. End panels come standard in Platinum finish but are available in thirteen colors. Welded 18 gauge steel construction, protected with powder coat surface. Comes with 8 3”, 4 6” clear totes made of recyclable ABS plastic which allows the contents to be easily identified. Mobility is easy on 3” casters. Overall Tower dimensions: 28.625” W x 19” D x 42.375” H.


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