Attaching Marvelseal to Wooden Shelves and Crates

marvelsealMarvelseal is an excellent vapor barrier and can be used to protect valuable objects stored on wooden shelving or being transported in wooden crates. The only difficulty has been effectively attaching the material to wood. Until recently, it required mechanical fastening with staples, and then covering the staples with tape.

With the introduction of Marvelseal 1311, attaching a vapor barrier to wood has become quick and easy. Like Marvelseal 360 and Marvelseal 470, Marvelseal 1311 is an excellent vapor barrier. But in addition to the PE/foil/PE laminate, the material includes a polycotton-scrim facing that readily accepts standard wood glue and neutral pH adhesive. Simply apply the glue to the wood using any standard paint brush and press in to place. Once dry, the material will remain firmly in place and your treasures are protected from offgassing.

University Products also offers a line of convenient Marvelseal Pouches that can be used for a variety of applications including cold storage, anoxic storage, insect eradication, and maintaining a controlled humidity environment.

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