Benchmark Linen Case Dressing Fabric

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Before finally installing an artifact into its sealed exhibit case, it’s important to determine that no harm will be caused to the artifact by the materials already present in the case. This is why Medite is preferred over any sort of plywood or why paints being used should pass testing for harmful off-gassing. Likewise, case dressing fabrics can sometimes cause problems within the closed case environment - problems leading to tarnishing or corrosion of artifacts. We currently offer fabric that we’ve submitted, with successful results, to Oddy testing. The Case Dressing Fabrics are custom-ordered and non-returnable. Price per yard of fabric/5 yard minimum..  Sample rings are available.

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969-7501 Almond Blend 55" $59.95
969-7502 Black 60" $67.95
969-7504 Oatmeal Blend 58" $51.95
969-7505 Oatmeal 60" $63.95
969-7506 Oyster 60" $63.95
969-7507 Natural Wheat 55" $67.95
969-7000 Samples of 6 Colors - $19.95
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