Benchmark U-Clips and Brass Stems

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The U-Clip is a simple plexiglas and brass mounting device that allows for easy installation of a plexiglas plate for displaying single documents, photographs, thin closed volumes or magazines. The Plexiglas u-clip gets glued to a single plexiglas plate with lip (sold separately). The brass stem gets bent to your desired angle for wall or deck installation. Your artifact gets strapped to the plexiglas plate using our Polyethylene Strap and this assembly then easily slips onto the installed brass stem. U-Clips and brass stems are sold in sets of six. Plexiglas plates are available singly in three sizes to mix and match as you like.  For assembly, you’ll need plexiglas solvent-weld glue.

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969-2300 U-Clips and Brass Stems, Set of 6 $119.55
969-2331 Mini 4" x 6" plexiglass plate $34.25
969-2312 Standard 4.5" x 8" plexiglass plate $40.50
969-2313 Intermediate 7" x 11" plexiglass plate $44.65
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