Links to NEDCC Preservation Leaflets

1. Planning and Prioritizing

What Is Preservation Planning?

Preservation Assessment and Planning

The Needs Assessment Survey

Considerations for Prioritizing

Collections Policies and Preservation

Priority Actions for Preservation

Preservation Planning: Select Bibliography

Preservation Concerns in Building Design: Select Bibliography

2. The Environment

Temperature, Relative Humidity, Light, and Air Quality: Basic Guidelines for Preservation

Monitoring Temperature and Relative Humidity

Getting Function from Design: Making Systems Work

Protection from Light Damage

Protecting Paper and Book Collections During Exhibition

Low Cost/No Cost Improvements in Climate Control

3. Emergency Management

Protection from Loss: Water and Fire Damage, Biological Agents, Theft, and Vandalism

An Introduction to Fire Detection, Alarm, and Automatic Fire Sprinklers

Disaster Planning

Worksheet for Outlining a Disaster Plan

Emergency Management Bibliography

Emergency Salvage of Wet Books and Records

Emergency Salvage of Wet Photographs

Emergency Salvage of Moldy Books and Paper

Protecting Collections During Renovation

Integrated Pest Management

Collections Security: Planning and Prevention for Libraries and Archives

Freezing and Drying Wet Books and Records

4. Storage and Handling

Storage Methods and Handling Practices

Storage Furniture: A Brief Review of Current Options

Cleaning Books and Shelves

Storage Enclosures for Books and Artifacts on Paper

Protecting Books with Custom-Fitted Boxes

Card Stock Enclosures for Small Books

The Book Shoe: Description and Uses

Polyester Film Book Jacket

Storage Solutions for Oversized Paper Artifacts

Matting and Framing for Art and Artifacts on Paper


5. Photographs

A Short Guide to Film Base Photographic Materials: Identification, Care, and Duplication

Types of Photographs

Care of Photographs

Creating Long-Lasting Inkjet Prints

Preservation of Photographs: Select Bibliography

Storage Enclosures for Photographic Materials


6. Reformatting

Microfilm and Microfiche

Duplication of Historical Negatives

Digital Technology Made Simpler

The Relevance of Preservation in a Digital World

Digital Preservation

Preservation and Selection for Digitization

Outsourcing and Vendor Relations

Digital Preservation Readiness Webliography

Selected Cultural Heritage Digitization Bibliography

7. Conservation Procedures

Guidelines for Library Binding

Surface Cleaning of Paper

Repairing Paper Artifacts

How to Do Your Own Matting and Hinging

Conservation Treatment for Works of Art and Unbound Artifacts on Paper

Conservation Treatment for Bound Materials of Value

Choosing and Working with a Conservator

Removal of Damaging Fasteners from Historic Documents

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