Our diverse range of archival storage enclosures are the result of working with archivists and other museum professionals from around the globe. Our archival boxes, sleeves, folders and other enclosures are specifically developed to protect a variety of collections including paper, textiles, photographic materials and natural history collections.

Document storage cases, bulk storage boxes and drop front boxes are all acid-free and designed to prevent damage to your collections for the long term.
File folders, polyester L-Velopes and sleeves, and Perma Dur envelopes provide individual protection from light, fingerprints, migrant acidity and dirt and dust.
• A variety of specialized storage products take in to account the needs of varied collections including our suspension boxes, wax cylinder boxes, textile storage boxes, acid-free roll storage tubes, just to name a few.
• You will also find a variety of Racks and Cabinets specifically catering to art and artifacts.

Preserving our heritage since 1968 with Museum Quality Archival Products

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