archival quality collectors storageProtect your collections with archival storage products for everything from trading cards to rare books. Boxes, envelopes, and various sleeves and pages are offered for coins and currency, postcards, magazines, comic books, and movie posters. We also offer Stainless Steel Time Capsules for your most precious family artifacts.

• Specialized boxes are available for such items as wax cylinder recordings, newspaper storage, CDs, post cards, record albums, and of course, photo storage.
• Products are also available to help you care for your collections. Book deodorizer takes that musty smell from old books. Document Repair Tape allows you to fix tears without damage caused by most common pressure sensitive tapes. Our anti-static record sleeves repel damaging dirt and dust from your vinyl record albums.
• Wedding dresses, quilts, samplers, and other valued textiles can last for generations when properly stored in the proper textile storage boxes and interleaved with unbuffered tissues.

Preserving our heritage since 1968 with Museum Quality Archival Products

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