exhibit and furnitureProper display of art and artifacts is as important to their longevity as proper storage. Improper mounting techniques, uv light, changes in temperature and humidity and improper handling can all cause problems. University Products offers display cases, framing supplies, mounts, hanging systems for framed art and security hardware to help protect your collections.  
• Choose from spider mounts, T-armatures, book support systems, as well as  gun mounts, all ready to properly support your artifacts. Silica gel, conservation wax, numbered display pins, and security screws are also offered to help protect items on display.
• More of a do-it-yourselfer? Look for armature wire, vivak sheets, acrylic cutters, and ethafoam planks along with knives, saws and hot wire cutting tools to create your own mounts.
• The company also offers all types of display cases with a variety of custom options available.
• An affordable, museum quality, line of customizable forms for the display of vintage clothing is also offered. Choose from conservation dress forms, hat mounts, head mounts, and complete male and female forms made from inert Ethafoam.

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