Classic Economy Form

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Manufactured from solid Ethafoam®, these figures consist of hip block, chest block, arms and stand. Each form is easily padded up or carved down for shape, size and height. Arms have flexible cable in the elbows, and an easy snap fitting at the shoulder. Padding is 100% polyester batting and is covered in polyester stockinette. Additional reinforcement provided by stainless steel screws, nickel-plated T-pins, or nylon tacks. The stand is a flat metal base; powder coated back, and comes with three 1" diameter aluminum poles. The 49" long pole goes through the center of the hip and torso blocks for center mount. For trouser mount, the 34" (medium) pole goes in the off-set leg hole and the 20" (short) pole goes in the waist. Plastic collar with thumbscrew allows for fine adjustment of overall height and distance between hip and torso. Come complete with kit containing polyester padding, allen wrench and t-pins. Neck: Choose from tall neck, which can accept an optional head (333-5015) or short neck. Price each.

NEW! Optional colored covering choices are now available (a blend of 80% and 20% spandex). Call Customer Service (1.800.628.1912) or email for pricing and more details. 

Grouped product items
Qty Item Number Description color Neck Pricing Add to wish list
333-4500MWS Male White Short $977.55
333-4500FWS Female White Short $977.55
333-4500MBS Male Black Short $1347.60
333-4500FBS Female Black Short $1347.60
333-4500MWT Male White Tall $977.55
333-4500FWT Female White Tall $977.55
333-4500MBT Male Black Tall $1347.80
333-4500FBT Female Black Tall $1347.80
333-4600CW Child White Tall $879.80
333-4600CB Child Black Tall $1223.00
333-5015W Oval Head (tall neck required) White - $126.35
333-5015B Oval Head (tall neck required) Black - $188.75
333-5100W Mitten Hands White - $119.35
333-5100B Mitten Hands Black - $166.35
333-5050W Feet/Legs White - $175.50
333-5050B Feet/Legs Black - $230.85
333-5200W Thighs White - $160.95
333-5200B Thighs Black - $160.95
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