Conservation Thin Chest Mount

Conservation Thin Chest Mount

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Here is the answer to your shallow display cases! Created from Ethafoam polyethylene foam and covered with a layer of polyester stockinette, this form is only 3" in depth. Includes removable "shoulder pads" for a square jersey mount. Comes complete with a powder-coated steel base (4" x 16" oval) with 24" anodized aluminum pole. A floating wall mount with powder coated steel flange and 36" anodized aluminum pole is also available. Call for details. Available in small (S) or large (L), both measuring 14" high not including stand.  Now available in black stockinette. Price each.


  • • Pin or stitch directly into form
  • • Inert Ethafoam polyethylene foam construction
  • • Inert polyester stockinette skin
  • • Adhesive and resin free
Grouped product items
Qty Item Number color Style Shoulder/Bottom Width Pricing Add to wish list
333-5900S White Pedestal 17”S / 12.5”B $485.60
333-5900L White Pedestal 21”S / 15.75”B $485.60
333-5900SW White Wall Mount 17”S / 12.5”B $485.60
333-5900LW White Wall Mount 21”S / 15.75”B $485.60
333-5900LBLK Black Pedestal 21''S / 15.75''B $585.00
333-5900SBLK Black Pedestal 17”S / 12.5”B $585.00
333-5900LWBK Black Wall Mount 21''S / 15.75''B $585.00
333-5900SWBK Black Wall Mount 17''S / 12.5''B $585.00
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