Conservation Work Station

Conservation Work Station

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The Conservation Work Station comes to us from our European partner, PEL (Preservation Equipment Ltd.) This compact piece of equipment combines the elements of a temperature controlled conservation spatula system with a hot air tool with adjustable fan speed and temperature control. Three tips are included for the hot air wand. The tacking iron/spatula comes with one standard tip and will accommodate five additional tips. Five additional tips may be purchased separately. 220/240 volt available. Price each.

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805-0760 Work Station with S-5 Tip $411.80
805-S1 S-1 Tip $106.05
805-S2 S-2 Tip $106.05
805-S3 S-3 Tip $123.85
805-S4 S-4 Tip $133.70
805-S6 S-6 Tip $120.05
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