Corrugated Book Mounts

corrugated book mount making

See a variety of solutions to making economical exhibit mounts for rare books and manuscripts.

You can create your own, economical mounts for books and manuscripts using acid-free Perma-Dur E-Flute or B-Flute Corrugated Board and just a few simple tools. The illustrations shown are based on those provided by James Reid-Cunningham, Chief Conservator of the Boston Athenaeum. Simply cut the corrugated board to the size required for your particular book or manuscript, then use the Scoring Wheel to score along the flute to create the fold and angle you require. Secure the mount with 3M 415 Double-Sided Tape or Hot Melt Adhesive to achieve a sturdy, stable mount. A heavy-duty 4 ply Mat Board can be substituted for corrugated board for a more high-end appearance, though cutting and scoring may be more difficult. Strapping Tape or Book Snakes may be required to keep pages in position.

A. Book opens flat with only a little difficulty.

B. Book opens fully but one board needs support.

C. Book opens partially.


D. Book displayed with one board raised.

E. Book opens less than 120 degrees: mylar tube cradle. 

 F. Book opens less than 120 degrees: cardboard cradle. 

G. Vertical cradle to display front cover.


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