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Evolon is a unique, microfilament fabric combining good textile and mechanical properties. It is soft, drapable and light (130 gsm), but at the same time, is also very strong. Its' compact fiber structure makes it dense, providing good barrier and filtration properties. It is very absorbent (up to 400% of its own weight in liquid), but also quick to dry and breathable. It can also be cut and sewn like any traditional textile. Evolon is PVC-free and is made from polyester, polyamide and water. No solvents or binders are used in its manufacture. Evolon fabrics are suitable for a diversified range of conservation applications.

  • * Use instead of blotters as a drying surface. It absorbs well and evenly without distorting.
  • * Use for light, local humidification. Spray it lightly and rest it against an area needing really light humidification. It absorbs the water evenly, so it’s better than spraying thin blotter and it is washable and reusable.
  • * Use to cover delicate surfaces on art like an acrylic because it is less abrasive than papers or poly webs.
  • * Use between art and tools for light heating or re-texturing.
  • * Because of its absorbency, it should be included in all disaster preparedness kits.
  • * Makes a great dust-cover and provides outstanding UV protection.
  • * No stain, no fiber release, Evolon is the ideal solution for delicate surface cleaning.
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