Instructions For Creating Display Forms

Step 1:

Take various measurements from the item of clothing to be displayed and create paper templates for each cross-section of the torso.

Step 2:

Use the paper templates to cut two inch thick oval pieces of Ethafoam®, a sturdy polyethylene foam that is safe for archival use.

Step 3:

Glue the Ethafoam segments together to create a rough form.

Step 4:

Based upon the measurements, carve the Ethafoam with a Foam Carving Knife or Quick Cut® Hot Knife to refine the shape. The finished Ethafoam form should be smooth with tapered contours.

Step 5:

Wrap the Ethafoam form with Polyester Batting to provide padding, shape and support. For additional shaping and to create a smooth “skin”, pull or wrap with Polyester Stockinette. To create arms, attach stockinette tubes to the torso form and stuff with polyester fiberfill.

Suggested Products:

The Quick Cut® Hot Knife Needle Punch Polyester Benchmark Polyester Stockinette Blue Foam Bond Adhesive Foam Carving Knife Glue Gun Ethafoam®

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