Paraloid B-72 Adhesive

Paraloid B 72 Adhesive

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Paraloid B-72 is a copolymer of ethylmethacrylate and methyl acrylate supplied in 100% resin pellets which are soluble in acetone, toluene, and xylene. An excellent general purpose resin/adhesive, it can be applied in either clear or pigmented coatings by a variety of application methods and can be air dried or baked. Paraloid B-72 has a very low reactivity with sensitive pigments, and is durable and non-yellowing. Use in very dilute (5%) concentrations to consolidate flaking glazes or decayed surfaces: use in heavier concentration (20%) to form adhesive. This material has also been used as an underlining for numbering, a varnish for paintings and a gap filler. The product is reversible with solvents. Price each.

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